For Sale by Owner Script


Hi I’m calling about the home for sale… Is this the owner?

My name is __________________________ and I work with ____________________________.


Can I ask you a couple of quick questions about the property?


1. Is the property vacant… or are you currently living in the home? GREAT!


2. How long has it been for sale? AWESOME!


3. What is the current list price? ($300,000) Repeat the full number slowly.


4. And…how did you come up with the asking price? FANTASTIC!


5. Can you tell me why you are selling the property? REPEAT AND COMMENT!


7. When are you planning on putting the home on the market?


8. Is there a reason why you decided to try and sell it yourself rather than with a professional real estate broker? (Answer-Usually will be commission)


9. Well… the reason I ask is because We have helped many For Sale By Owners net the most money possible for their home and one of our agent would like to stop by and meet with you and view the property.


Would today at 4:00 work…or is tomorrow at 1:00 better?


They Don’t Want to Set An Appointment:




We aren’t going to pay a commission: Well, Mr. Seller, let me ask you this… which is more important… what you pay or what you walk away with? (Let them answer) Right, so unless the number you walk away with makes sense, you won’t going to sell them home, correct? (Let them answer)


GREAT! When’s a good time to view the home, is today good or would tomorrow be better?


Do You Have a Buyer? We have several Buyers however I’m not sure if your home will work for one of them unless We see the inside. When is the best time for us to get together, is today good or would tomorrow be better?