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  • Promotion

    We promote our agents, their skills sets, and their current listings!

  • Meeting Home Owners

    We understand that your time is better served meeting clients face to face, and closing deals, not spending hours each day making cold calls.

  • For Sale By Owner's data & Script included

    Appointments are pre booked. Realtors do not need to provide For Sale By Owner's data or Script. All we need is Zip Code & schedule to set appointments accordingly.

  • Exclusive Appointments

    We generate high quality For Sale By Owner's leads and set up exclusive appointments for Realtors by calling all For Sale by Owner’s in your area! We never send the same appointment to another agent.

  • Connect

    We connect you with home owners and set up quality listing appointments!

  • Listing Appointments

    We talk to almost all For Sale by Owner’s in your provided zip codes and convert them from otherwise useless data into quality listing appointments!

Motivated For Sale By Owner Appointments! For Real Estate Agents

A Personal Appointment Setting Service That Produces Results! Completely Hands-Off and Risk-Free!

No need to buy and manage mailing lists or marketing material. We take care of everything and you only pay for results. No wasted postage or cold calling.



88% For Sale By Owner List With An Agent Due To The Following Reasons

It’s no surprise that 88% of For Sale By Owner'ss eventually decide to hire an agent to sell their home. And who do they typically hire? The first agent to meet with them, Be that first agent. While your competition is spending hours digging through data and driving around the neighborhood looking for signs, you could already be in front of those frustrated For Sale By Owner'ss telling them how your real estate services will help them sell their home faster and for more money.

SELLING PRICE Owners Sell for Almost $40k less....

TIME ON MARKET Owners Take 35 Days Longer to Sell

STRESS ON SELLER Owners Have 70% More Stress


We are the only company in the world that meticulously searches over 1000 sources everyday to find homeowners who want to sell their homes.

We have empowered agents with valuable For Sale By Owner's leads and appointments ensuring they are the first to meet.

Our For Sale By Owner's Appointment setting service is designed to help real estate professionals work more productively and sell more properties in today's competitive market.

We deliver the highest quantity and quality of owner contact information, including cell phone numbers.

Our state of the art technology enables you to spend your time listing and selling homes instead of searching for leads and setting appointments.

We find missing elements such as full phone number, owner name, postal address, exact location and DNC status.

We deliver you daily, sorted by mileage proximity from your target area, in a format suitable for either calling or mailing

We are the only company in the world which personally call each and every For Sale By Owner's to collect all the necessary information and setting an appointment for Real Estate Agents.

How We Work

  • Realtor sends us zip Code

  • We collect & prepare For Sale By Owner's datasheet

  • Data scrubbing

  • Calling starts

  • Follow Up & Appointment set

  • Appointment sent to the Realtor

Realtor sends us zip Code

Realtor sends us one central zip code from his area of work. We set appointments within 20 miles radius of the zip code provided by the Realtor. ( Realtors are welcome to exclude or include certain areas and even modify the target area according to their preferences).

We collect quality for sale by owner data

We will collect all the available For Sale By Owner's in the provided zip codes and prepare the spreadsheet before calling starts. The sheet is updated daily with new For Sale By Owner's coming in the market. ( Realtors are welcome to send For Sale By Owner's database or provide access to their CRM ).

Data scrubbing

Before we start calling our team will scrub the database and make sure none of these For Sale By Owner's are listed on DNCL or MLS. We only work with For Sale By Owner's not working with Realtor.

Calling Starts

Once we are done with the database, Our highly experienced team member exclusively assigned for your zip code will start calling For Sale By Owner's.

Follow Up & Appointment Setting

After a few follow-ups, the Appointment is set for the Realtor. ( Appointment is set at the time provided by the Realtor. Usually, Realtors share their calendars)

Appointment sent to the Realtor

Once the appointment is set, confirmed and reviewed by the senior manager for the quality it will be sent to the client through email. Details included: Name of the homeowner, Property Adress, Phone Number, Listed Since, Appointment date, Appointment time, Notes includes: Reason for selling and where they moving and some other important details shared by the homeowner.

For Sale By Owner Questions

  • Name of the property Owner & Property Address
  • Phone Number & Email Address
  • Property Description & Property Value
  • Reason for selling
  • “How long are you going to try to sell your home on your own before you explore other options?”
  • “If you don’t sell your home by that time, what other options will you consider?”
  • Are you working with any Real Estate Agent?
  • Are you planning to buy another property?

For Sale by Owner Script

Sample For Sale by Owner Appointments

About Us

We take our client relationships very seriously. We are independent contractors and are an extension of your organization. Our business is helping your business succeed. We have a stake in the quality services we provide to our clients, the success and reputation of our company depends on it.



7 For Sale By Owner Appointments


  • For Sale By Owner's Data Included
  • DNCL Scrubbed
  • MLS Scrubbed
  • Guaranteed Appointments
  • No Contract
  • Everything Included


15 For Sale By Owner Appointments


  • For Sale By Owner's Data Included
  • DNCL Scrubbed
  • MLS Scrubbed
  • Guaranteed Appointments
  • No Contract
  • Everything Included


35 For Sale By Owner Appointments


  • For Sale By Owner's Data Included
  • DNCL Scrubbed
  • MLS Scrubbed
  • Guaranteed Appointments
  • No Contract
  • Everything Included

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